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In addition to client projects, we often use our studio space as a way to experiment, play & grow. Here's the results from some of those magical days.

Elevated imagery for high-quality CBD tinctures.

Disco Tree

Art Direction, Styling, Photography

A Studio HMVD initiated project

Sometimes you remember a scene, which sparks a thought, which sparks a vision, which stays in your head until you create it.

For us, that scene was the 1974 film adaptation of The Little Prince, specifically Bob Fosse's role as a dancing snake. We immortalized Fosse as a disco ball against a sand background in our homage to desert dance, Disco Tree.


Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes


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The branches were gathered in the park by our studio, then painted and varnished. We have yet to find another use for the sand.


Brain Party

Art Direction, Styling, Photography

Principal Heather-Mariah celebrated the full development of her brain in 2019, so we created a whimsical still-life series showing the brain in a party scene.


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