2018 - 2023

An expressive, emotive design practice helmed by Heather-Mariah Violet Dixon & Abigail Kerns. After 5.5 years of making ridiculously fun work, we’re now moving on to new projects & collaborations. Please don’t be shy & enjoy the archive!

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Big thanks to...

Aaron, alvin, maggie, irmand, lotta, dasha, jenny, andrew, emily & hunter, scott, jamie & julia, katarina, hannah, heidi, brittany & haylli & mary, benjamin, gary, loren, brad, leanna, rachel, kiki, nick & nick & matt & georgie, mike, perry & terran & the crew, katherine & jay, jessica, brianne, aidan, lee, courtney & annabel, laura, tiffany, cam & naomi & kheperah & bobby, ian, sisi, david & kyle & muriel, ryan, jj, kayla & mike, drew, mariluz, kirsten & stacia & jeffrey, casey, madison, liz, molly, kate & lauren & langston, liz, nilou, nicole, the guild of, beth, erica & emily, erica, casey, nick, leland, stacey, isabel, isabella, kristina, chelsea, jordan, katie, lauren & zoe, debbi, roman, hunter, scott, sophia, andrea, shar, andrew, sara, jon henry, elsa, emily, janine, gabi, caroline, kat, and many, many more.


Additional thanks to...

those who shared our work, loved our work, awarded our work, referred us work, came to a party, liked a social post, answered our emails, hopped on a call, smiled at our work, picked up our work, read our case studies, mentioned us in an article, applied to work with us, reviewed our proposals, signed a check, came to a talk, lent an ear, hugged us, rented us gear, asked us questions, gave us advice, shared space with us, ate lunch with us or any other matter of positive engagement. <3