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Tonic CBD
Outer Space Launch

Art Direction, Prop Styling, Photography

Andrea Castillo
Janine Hausif
Chris Martino

Outer Space packaging design by Plastic Palmtree

At the tail-end of 2020, Tonic CBD moved into the world of skincare with their inaugural line, Outer Space. Launching with a face oil, and quickly following up with a body butter, Outer Space products are made with the brand's rich hemp oil, which soothes & protects.

To show the glory of this plant-based product we incorporated florals and moved in close for macro details of skin and application. We wanted to impart a luxurious, sumptuous feeling, matching the quality of the line. 


Working with Studio HMVD has seriously been a dream from the very beginning. It can be so difficult to find photographers that really take the time to understand your brand, products and vision let alone execute and deliver on everything you are expecting and more, but Heather and Abigail make it look easy.

Almost a year later and we just finished our 4th shoot together. All I have to say is that my coworker and I were literally SCREAMING when the first set of shots came through. Legitimately tears in our eyes from the beauty of their work. With every project they are well prepared with a plan of action and work with me to determine the shot list and even when I can only come up with a broad vibe rather than a specific shot, they still manage to nail it every time. The Outer Space skincare images blew me away not only because they were absolutely beautifully done, but because they were able to create a set of assets that perfectly set the tone for our new line.

You would think creative genius of this caliber would come with big egos or a pretentious nature, but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Heather and Abigail. They are two of the most down to earth, kind, fun and humbly talented people I have worked with over the years. I am incredibly grateful for Studio HMVD and would enthusiastically recommend them to anybody who wants brand and product imagery that doesn’t suck. 

–Brittany Carbone, Tonic Founder